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Woodcoins for social Enviroment to determine!

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To Be or Not to Be…

It continues with blessed houses and places …
Blessings holy water and gesture Done -in 2021 from me- for …
Homestreet 40, 42, 44
Market pharmacy
Economy on the market
Institute II
Homearea other houses etc. …
Already done – with hat, traditional costume, walking staff and holy water.

The saying goes: „Blessed be the house – to the center – to the gable and the foundation.“
Point at it with your hand – if with holy water then sprinkle the place.

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Behavioral recipe [All Links German]
In brackets neutral readers for imitation ()

  • Wood engraving discs
    (Hobby craft or hobby art, ideally swapping and giving)
  • Bars
  • Letter colleague 40 colleagues of the one-hand grip society
    (A handle can accept up to dimensions that only need one handle per person)
  • Put out the first-A characters or DAGAZ
    (Giving yourself a sign – that characterizes one with another)
  • God’s floor confirmation Ichie’s tightening and Lucifer God checking
    (Find a place of soul synchronization of the sisters and brothers in the spirit – house or place [put heads together overtime])
  • Sound the alarm on lanterns for angels (walking stick).
    (Good function for God and angels to the positive world)
    ProDreieck Exellent

Please tell Me´´´ s to suggest (equipment at least one round stick) – bring along business cards or a stick and wooden engraving disk as a gift – entertain followers who are close to your heart.

Woodcoins Exactly

The wooden discs are wooden amulets and helped me – they are:

  • One of a kind
  • Eternal object with luck
  • T. (secret)
  • Regional plant – social connection
  • Examination – the counterpart whether the injuring party
  • Keepsake – steadfast in faith for steadfast stance
  • Art – small with a big impact
  • Motif – at the choice of the recipient
  • Hand flatterer – to calm you down
  • Gift – a souvenir
  • Symbols – that connect you firmly to others [German]

What if someone can make something out of what he finds. (Wooden discs)

What if someone doesn’t take anything for it and lets himself be told who he gives it to. 500 wood talents

What if he gives it and always leaves it to the other person for sympathy and empathy.

  • He is not bribable
  • He can choose who to do this to
  • He can contribute how it should look like
  • The network will grow bigger and bigger if you wish
  • Social ethos can be determined
  • You can even identify “enemies” or who don’t mean it well.
  • A social isolation of society would not be possible.


The Gideons Bible distribution finds radical areas of persecution.
The mini version of the Basic Law establishes attitudes, whether with or against self or environment.
The little constitution of the United States also tracks down social ethos and enemies of the state – they would categorically reject them if necessary.
The small handicraft as a gift for social contacts to explore.
The business card according to your taste can do that with a voucher for the service and you can see with whom you move best.

From German

With the most important ones hand on the heart – connects through reincarnations.

Your Holzvale or – join WOODLANDS – areas by material – copper – internet – wood.

Now always take a few hearts with this motif as a talisman to give away with Vales Holztaler Werkstatt. Make some yourself with engraving stick and wood on Ebay.
Now I also make wooden disks to hang around and wood sculptures with roots or tree spirit.

So that people don’t ask what they have – but how likeable they are – so that people don’t ask what they deserve – but what talent they have that makes them stand out in the world – talent is our own and time is our currency.
United instead of divided – the giving receives and not a bank that holds down.
It all started with a book about Indian wisdom – read in nature and communicated with grass about the imprisonment of being. With the domain 1999 after was taken away in 1998. The attitude of being also changes the world. Now I can continue reading a book that I put aside in 2001 – which I put aside in search of a talisman and amulet. The book is called “The Path to the True Adept” by Franz Bardon on page 324 amulets were mentioned – since I couldn’t make any, I even went abroad to become a native – no one could recommend one to me. Now I also say blessings when creating my wooden discs and continue to try to create an amulet.

UFOs you are welcome I wish the generals are always in Germany with Magic.
I have now put my business cards and a plate on the stone container in front of the property (where see below next to the steel pyramid) – property entrance – all planets and being can be copied from there!
Remember Holzvale who can carve wooden rings for couples engraved in precious woods on thelepatic hand paintings – which can be used for phone calls or edifying magic.

!!! Comrades of the world !!!

Counted wooden parts that I photographed – calculation April 2018

191 (including 30 hearts symbols) Wooden hand-held furniture with insignia or symbol of the recipient and the creator
60 initial hearts of neutral motifs to get into conversation
10 wooden hearts Internet giants
136 neutral motives heartthere are now not unphotographed
22 wooden jewelry
419 wooden parts for the hand
15 wooden sculptures such as Wurzelsepp
13 wooden rings I still have two without a photo
6 crosses in the house
32 walking sticks
2 sceptres
10 triangular
5 weather test sticks
1 party board
3 hand box rivets

506 wood productions with photo and it goes on – every new friend gets one at 1000, I’m satisfied :-).
How many of them have I not photographed … passed on to the baker, butcher or road worker.

This is what I got:

1 taler from Austria – 1 wooden jewelry Berlin – 3 wooden hearts Worms – 1 book – 1 jug – some money which I usually refuse.

The point is to find social bonds and swap one talent for the next one.
At the right time, at the right hour, the Holztaler can pay off.

The most important thing was the promise from an angel that I would live longer for this wood art.

Short address of my production facilities:

Fidel joy and goodness

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graf held für das Gemüt - Soldat in bayerischer Geheimarmee - Stümpfelesmacher Buchstabenkollege Erste-A - Vorhalten Buchstaben-Gestell Sehr einnehmende Blogeinträge versuche ich zu erstellen, welche den einen oder anderen erwecken sollen. Mein Zustand des Willens etwas zu verändern war ca. 2008 Auslösung das Buch "Im Namen des Staates" vom ehem. Staatssekretär von Bülow. Dabei geht es um kriminelle Machenschaften mit Drogen der Geheimdienste auch. Beim Lesen kam ich nur bis ca. 130 Seiten und habe dann diesen "Klick" Moment erfahren. Stellte mir die Frage - was habe ich mein ganzes Leben eigentlich gemacht und habe ich vor bis 90 noch mich mit Altpapier sortieren zu beschäftigen. Die Grundfeste meiner Überzeugungen in Frage stellend (Kapital Beschaffung) verlor ich in den folgenden 20 Jahren mein Haus, Arbeit, Gesundheit vorübergehend, Freundin und kann aber heute sagen die Entscheidung war richtig. Es kam nach meinem Wunsch die Welt zu verbessern - jemand oder etwas kam eines Tages zu mir - und sagte - man kann die Welt verbessern aber meist verliert man bei dem Weg alles und manche werden verrückt dabei - ich willigte ein. Heute habe ich einen tollen Blog und jeder Tag kann ein glücklich machendes Abenteuer sein. Die Frage ist veränderst Du Dein Leben nach einem Vortrag/Buch/Gespräch oder Video - denn hast Du ein Leben gerettet - rettest Du die ganze Welt. Übersicht Die Fotos von der Seite meines verlinkten Holzkunst etc.. Kurzadresse der Überblickseite: Wurzelsepps Holzringe Holzmünzgerl Kreuze Wanderstäbe Holzschmuck Zepter Triangular (Pyramide mit weggehenden Strahlen) Hand-Kastanieten - Fotos weiter unten auf der Übersichtseite Euer andreas ( - Hörspiel